Cris Romagosa

‘Bits&Pieces’ November II

waking up

breakfast by the fire

Up in the mountains, I feel something I guess it would vanish if it wasn’t ephemeral, but there’s some kind of new connection I can’t stop feeling.

Though it is a new way of opening, it feels like an origin, a beginning that I once was, when I was a child and before life happened. Lots of seconds appear on my mind in a shape of a memory, while I go over every light in nature. Wild and youth memories sneak inside my whole body, and shakes me. I capture everything that moves me. 

Everything is just light existing around me.

from the inside

the light of Winter

cabin textures

warm patterns

visits I love

wood and blue readings

inspiration on the table

living by the fire

by the fire

Saving every piece of data I collect of the experiences I’m living now, and drawing the next step in life.

After vital results, life changing decisions, aware of all the luggage I carry myself, things are facing north, and that’s where I’m headed. Not an easy path, nor a quick one, but one to walk to.

Thank you everyone who’s reading my lines and feeling my images too <3

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